Real HouseTales of Berea: 5 Stories to Watch for Week 2 of Browns’ OTAs That Aren’t About Johnny Manziel


As I sat in my freshly populated basement polishing off some leftover (and delicious)  meatloaf, I instantly felt like going to sleep. It was a really long week.  Maybe the longest I’ve had in years.  I thought hey, why bother writing an article for this week? I can do it tomorrow. Everyone knows what it’s going to be about anyways. Johnny got in trouble again! Awesome! More drama, more speculation, this stuff basically writes itself! Yeah, let me finish this delicious loaf and get some sleep, we’ll do the Johnny thing tomorrow. It’s all the media will care about in Berea anyhow, right?

But No.  This is getting ridiculous.  I’ve heard so many differing opinions ranging from “cut him now” to “start him ASAP”.  However, to be honest, I’m tired of talking so extensively about a player who thus far, has had such a minimal effect on the field.  Especially when the DawgPound has so many more headlines to discuss. So with that said, here’s my Top 5 “Johnny-less” storylines heading into week 2 of OTA’s.

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